Colleague For A Few Months

Paulino mugshot.jpg

I’d like everyone to meet Paulino Oliviera. He is the newest member of our team, but will also be one of the first to leave our team.

I met Paulino at PUC-Minas in 2009 while he studied Economics, and over his years in college he stayed connected with our ministry as he investigated about Jesus. Shortly before graduating became a Christian and joined our church.

I sought to hire Paulino, even for a short stint, because he is go-getter and has skills in everything financial. God’s timing was quite good, because Paulino had just quit his job at one of the largest banks in Brazil to dedicate time to pursue entrance into a Master’s Degree program.

Paulino will spend the next months helping us answer some pertinent finance and tax questions, with some accounting issues mixed in there. He has already shown his professionalism, humility in his work and excellence in getting the job done!

Paulino was accepted to participate in a Brazilian Federal Government program and in August of this year will move to New York City to begin his Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering at NYU Poly, Brooklyn. He will study right next to the Financial Center of NYC, and, well – the world. Such a great opportunity for him to speak of his Savior!