Support Update: April 2015

Understandably, some of you might expect this update to be about how we arrived back in Brazil. However, we are still Stateside (no April Fools Day hijinks here!). We decided to extend our trip for 3 weeks to invest as much quality time as possible in this current season of support raising.

I talked in a BLOG post in December 2014 about being Prepared, Assessed and Positioned for the next season of life and ministry in Brazil. By “positioned” we mean being financially ready for the next 5-10 years on the field; hence the past 4 months in the US. We have been wonderfully received by my family, current supporters and several churches in the Chattanooga area. We have not been so well received by snowstorms and cold viruses.

Thus far we have raised $1000 in new support. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This is a combination of new supporters AND increases from current supporters. Glory to God. Really. A huge shout-out to all the new supporters, welcome! To our current supporters, we LOVE this partnership. Should anyone like to consider an increase in their support level, let’s talk :) !

This puts us to about 55% of our $1800/month goal for new support. The need is based on recovering $500 in lost support over the past 2 years, $800 in new support for increasing expenses over the next years with more kids, schools and raising cost of living, plus the final $500 to save toward a down-payment for housing in Brazil. We are still $800/month away from that goal.

I have tried to connect with may of our supporters, and to those far away from Chattanooga or Birmingham, I’m still going to try to connect in other ways before we head back to Brazil.

Please pray as we continue to work toward our goal the next weeks and fly back to Brazil at the end of April.