Computer Theft

Tracking my stolen Macbook... the name had already been changed to "gaga"

The bad news is someone broke into our office and stole my notebook computer and new backpack about one month ago. It happened in broad daylight on a Monday during lunch, and we're not sure how. But the tracking option on my computer sure tells me it was not in my office anymore and that someone tried to connect it to the internet.

The good news is that I had recently met another American staying for two months in Belo Horizonte, and he sold me his computer that was newer than my stolen one and in really good condition. Buying this computer from him in Brazil was much, much cheaper than buying one from a store in Brazil, and also cheaper than purchasing in the US and having to declare it in customs upon entry into Brazil and pay the tariffs. (Thanks Rob Adams Films!) God oddly works things out when we sometimes don't think He will.

So, this was a round about way of getting a computer upgrade! Our office insurance should help pay for some of the loss, but my backpack and cherished items like my Swiss Army knife that I got for my 15th birthday are gone, and that's hard to be cheerful about.

Just wanted to share the ups and downs from the field.