new car

Trunk Space!

When Tathiana and I were in the US in 2011, one of our goals was to raise 1-time support for a vehicle upgrade.

With family plans in the near future (nearer than we thought) and our little car at the end of its financial usefulness, we were thinking about an upgrade to a mid-size sedan with a trunk! Not only do babies need a lot of stuff, but working with administration for events and retreats requires a good bit of stuff, also (sound and video equipment, materials for set-up, sports equipment, etc…). Our 10+ year-old hatchback was not cutting it anymore (picture, bottom).

So here it is, our new Chevrolet Cobalt sedan (picture, top), the dealership even gift-wrapped it for us! It has a spacious interior for 5 people, large trunk, ABS and double airbags. We have already put a few thousand kilometers on it, filled it full of stuff for retreats and events, and are getting it broken-in for little Elam to arrive at the end of the year.

Thank you to all our supporters who gave to help this become a reality. In a big city like BH and a big country like Brazil with not-so-great highways, this is something that makes a world of difference.