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Tathiana's Reflections: Nov 2012

ABOVE: Audrey, Tathiana and Rafaela. BELOW: Dora, Tathiana, George and DuncanDiscipleship Group

I’ve been meeting with these girls, Audrey and Rafaela, for two years and I say that it is a privilege to see them growing in their vision to serve others and in their relationship with God.

We are in the middle of a Bible study of Romans and learning that we Christians have an enormous capacity to settle for just doing the “right things”. Sometimes we forget that we are sinners in need of grace daily and not to look at fulfilling the law.

Church Children's Ministry

One of the things that has brought me so much joy this year has been teaching 3 children at our church. Dora, George and Duncan, all between 10 and 12, are children of families who attend our church.

We have spent 6 months studying about different heroes in the Bible and I have seen such change in their hearts and outlook over this period. It is so encouraging to see vulnerability and repentance in these little guys who have such little life experience. I admit that I like the comic relief they provide, and even mediating their in and out of classroom conflicts.