Growing Staff Team

Two new staff interns joined our team this year. Wellinton Alves and Nathália Santos are working part-time this year with our campus team at UFMG.

Working for a ministry like Campus Outreach is a hard decision for graduates here in Brazil. Most college graduates have a small window of opportunity to make the most of their new degree in the job market. One way we have chosen to ease the negative risk in coming on staff is to begin each new national staffer with a one-year internship. After this first year, we can better evaluate if staff is a good fit for the person, or if it would be best for them to continue on to the job market.

Wellinton and Nathália were both students at UFMG and are currently working on that campus. They both are working part-time in their field of study while also working part-time with Campus Outreach.