Miles, Miles and More Miles

plane cartoon.jpg

When you live overseas, you know some tricks about how to accumulate frequent flier miles. So we started counting our American Airlines miles. Combine the fact that not since 2010 have we been in the US for purely vacation and time with family. Lastly, Brazil has a week-long holiday and basic country shut-down for Carnaval (Mardi Gras to us gringos). So, all that cooks up a perfect storm to book our flights to the US.

We're coming into Chattanooga at the end of February and will be heading back to Brazil on March 20th. Our plans consist of family time in Chattanooga, one week in Pigeon Forge just Tathiana, Isaac and I, some good rest, coffee-shop mooching of free internet, sleeping in late while the grandparents take care of the munchkin and other vacation-ish types of things.

This post is basically a nice way of saying, "if we run into each other on the street, this is why." If we don't run into each other, we probably won't see much of each other. Hopefully everyone understands, we so appreciate your partnership, and thank you for helping us to have the time of rest and recuperation.