Change Your World 2012

Each year during vacation time in the US we receive students from other Campus Outreach franchises for a few months to walk alongside us here in Belo Horizonte. This year, a team from CO Birmingham, made up of students from Troy Univ. and Berry College, is getting to know Brazil and its college students.

This team is working with both our campus teams, at UFMG and PUC-Minas. Our staff and students on campus enjoy this exchange experience because there are events, out-of-town trips, and a good bit of what Brazilians are good at – hanging out and talking about their lives.

Our theme this year is “Change Your World”, an idea that begins with the fact most college students have a desire to change their own world through a degree, and even the whole world in view of so many problems that they face today. Because of this common thread, we also ask students to consider what role God would play in changing the world, and begin to talk about some pretty powerful statements of Jesus.

All this is in the hope that students who usually disregard Jesus as antiquated and irrelevant to their lives would begin to ask questions and investigate for themselves who Jesus is and what they think about him.

We believe Jesus is relevant, and we are asking God to use us to make himself known here on the campuses of Belo Horizonte.