The Support Triangle

In a few days I will be talking to you in person. On October 23rd, I am catching a plane and arriving in Birmingham to spend the rest of 2011 running the Birmingham-Chattanooga-Atlanta triangle to work on support raising. I want to see everyone. So get ready.

This go-round, I will be arriving in the US before Tathiana. She will arrive right before Thanksgiving to take advantage of the holidays, time with family and another frigid USA winter. During the first month, I plan on running myself ragged meeting with anybody I can; both current supporters and support contacts. 

Our goal is to sure-up our monthly support due to the loss of a few monthly supporters, a fluctuating exchange rate that hit a 10-year low this year and our plans to begin our family in 2012 – God willing. We also need to upgrade our car, we currently have a 10 year-old compact hatchback, and would like to upgrade to a newer 4-door sedan for the future family. We would like to raise at least $17,500 for that, and as you can see cars are not cheap in Brazil.

Our current budget is $6000/monthly, and with increases in our monthly budget due to yearly increases in heath insurance, rent (approximately a 10% annual adjustment in Brazil), exchange rate ups-and-downs, adding a family member and admin fees on top of all that, we need to raise for a budget of $7000/month. Please see the following story about Cost of Living in Brazil to better understand our financial context.